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Photography Class:Aug 17th


Dust off your Camera!

Who is it for? Anyone (especially those who are NOT photographers) who wants to learn the basics of how to use a camera. 
What will it cover?
How to use and operate a camera, lighting, angles, etc. We will give real live examples for you to see in person on a projections screen!  
Do I need a fancy camera? 
Nope! Any camera where you can change the lenses will work! Even if you can't change the lens, that's ok just bring what you have! 
When is it? AUG 17th, 6pm-9pm
How much does it cost? $125
Where is it at? Brand new Naples roof top in Mullica Hill!

Who is teaching? Educator and Photographer, Kristen Nicotra

How do I sign up? 
Just clicked the Aug 17th date below to register! 

What do I bring? 
Just your camera! Notebook and pen will be provided along with some light refreshments! 

Come Early and connect!!!! 

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