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We are so excited about our upcoming IN PERSON photoshop class. The class will be at our NEW Swedesboro location. This class is for EVERYONE (photographers and non-photographers alike) ! Even If you have never opened photoshop to those who have been using it. We will cover the basics. . . layers, masking, tools, short cut keys, etc. As Well as some NEW fun features like sky replacement and neural filter (wait till you see this "magic"). There is ALWAYS something to learn in Photoshop!

Here is what we will cover:

-Adobe Camera Raw (basics)




- Adding PNG graphics and making them look cool

-Levels and curves (basic)

- Sky replacement (cause it's the coolest)

- Neural Filters ( Not looking in my direction, no problem, easy fix)

- Cloning

-Healing brush

-Color Changing

- Color theory


What to bring?

Notebook and pencil/pen

(Optional but helpful) Lap top with photoshop CC installed on your computer prior to coming

Register now! Just click the date and 6pm time below to sign and register for the photoshop class.

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